April 6, 2014

Did Serato Remote just change everything?

Serato might no longer be the first DVS out there to creating and integrating new features – but they certainly know how to arrive to the party late.  I’m sure the day that Traktor dumped their Traktor app to the public, Serato was either already working in their rendition of it, or they were scrambling to get something that was like it.  Well, they did something better.  Instead of trying to recreate what Traktor had done for DJs on the go – they basically created a software controller that was able to do everything a smart mixer could do – even if yours was not that great.

The new implementation of the Serato Remote sort of picks up where old MIDI controllers had left off, except that Serato Remote gives you control over your MIDI hardware in ways that were not possible before.  Instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator, which would make Serato Remote nothing but a toy, they appeal to the utility of it.  Now, people with an acceptable tablet can use it while they are DJing to access controls that would be much harder to do with the combination of a MIDI controller and a computer screen navigation.