April 6, 2014

Pioneer DJ Radio — with a little added DJWORX

There are those in the field of DJing and production that have done more for the community at large than they have ever done for themselves.  These are the ones who know that they will never have a career as an artist, but that is because they do a better job on the technical side – which comes down to revealing to the public the next big thing on the market.  That can be a more difficult job, since there is pressure coming from all sides.  I’m sure there are many people who think they could do the same job just as well, but being free from corruption is what make the entire thing work.

I get that a company will become bigger and eventually end up potentially selling out behind the backs of their readers, but the good ones (the ones who actually make a difference in the community) will be able to separate themselves from the industry as a business.  This doesn’t mean that they are serious all the time either – these review companies like to have their own fun as well, and you can be sure that they are just as interested in DJing as a hobby as the rest of the world is who is reading.