April 21, 2014

Listening To Vinyl Makes You Better Than People

There are plenty of reasons out there to hate the record collector.  Often times you’ll see a younger guy or girl, collecting records for reasons that are hard to understand.  To love a song enough to own it on vinyl is one thing – but to actually only buy vinyl records is another thing.  Anyone who has had experience in the music making industry or DJing industry can tell you that there is a difference in sound quality.  We all know that.  This is why we only buy consumer grade mixers to run on consumer grade sound systems.  Even the differences between analog and digital songs can be told apart – but does this give us a reason to only use old technology?

Most of us can accept the fact that digital music is worth the drawbacks, since it is portable in an easy to use digital version.  Few of us would cease from using digital music because the quality was substandard.  The image of the mad vinyl collector is sort of told in that last thought.  These are stubborn people who feel they have a sense of taste, where others do not.  As hard as it is to understand, there are actually people out there like this.