April 21, 2014

Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine Talkthrough

While the DJ may be the best person for the job when an instant party is needed – that DJ is not the only ingredient that makes it all work.  One thing that has been helpful to DJs is the sound man, who takes care of running cabled and patching incoming DJs in.  Without their help, the DJs job would be that much harder.  That brings me to a point about the rest of the people in the club.  The door man is necessary to keep the people inside safe, and the bartender need to lubricate the crowd as well.  It seems like it is all part of this perfect plan to make the experience better, and that is exactly what it is.


There is one person I forgot to mention here, but they play a good part it all.  That is the guy who designed the entire club.  They use knowledge to build a place where people can party.  They carefully thought out the lighting of the club as well as the speaker and entertainment system.  What about the ambient nature of the club?  You can be sure there is a guy who knows how to work the fog and laser machines when the time is appropriate.