April 21, 2014

Sealed vs Ported Subwoofers: Which Is Right For You?

When it comes to sound and audio engineering, your choice of what subwoofer to get depends on what room you are going to put it in.  Even a small subwoofer for your desk is going to be quite large in comparison to the desk itself.  Now, imagine what it would look like if you were using 1 subwoofer for a large room.  It would have to be big.  DJs who use their own audio sometimes require themselves to have at least one subwoofer for a large crowd, since bass seems to be absorbed by people in the crowd.  At the home studio or a home setting, such a subwoofer would be over kill.

Most of us who have audio systems on our desks and in our home do not need a larger ported sub.  In fact, we usually want a sub that is wired to a desktop system or that requires no outside power at all.  It just isn’t worth it for such a small house.  A smaller sealed subwoofer does the trick just fine, and while it won’t give you very low bass that you would expect to hear on car systems, it will give you a nice tight response where you need it.