April 21, 2014

Breaking Into The Scene In A New City

There are many working professionals out there who would gladly pack up and move locations in order to secure a better job.  This make sense for financial reasons, even if that person has to uproot everything they have grown to love in their own area.  The security of a better offer takes precedence over many other things.  Now, moving to a new location in search of work (rather than securing one first) spells a different story.  On one hand, you know that there is more opportunity to the place you are headed, but you lack the networking that you have gain while you lived in your home town.

It is common for musicians to move to different areas where their work and music may receive more attention – however, there are cultural differences that make the move that much harder.  Luckily, if your music style and taste matches the area that you are heading to, you have at least 1 language that you share in common.  The rest of securing work comes down to meeting the right people and not being afraid to put yourself out there.  This can all be done while avoiding the low road that common DJs and locals might take.