April 21, 2014

Naonext Crystall-Ball DJ Controller Talkthrough

There is one good aspect about digital and electronic musical instruments that are hard to compare against other acoustic instruments.  That happens to be the idea of cost and price range.  Take something like an automobile for example – it has a purpose.  No matter how expensive or inconvenient the car actually is, it is expected to get you from point A to point B.  Aside from that, you can do it in style or you can barely get by, the choice is up to you.  Electronic instruments of the day do not have a purpose in mind like you think.  You cannot buy gear and expect it to mix music for you.

Most of the MIDI controllers are laid out with a purpose in mind, but few actually use the same MIDI controller the same way.  In fact, there are instruments out there that have no real intended purpose – it is up to the user to decide how it is to be used.  That is the beauty of electronic music equipment.  You are free to do with it as you please.  While some may think of this as an innovative way to design the layout, others who just want to get started might have a harder time.