April 23, 2014

Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials

I think it is safe to say that without video logs and video demos, it is hard for any DJ or producer to make a name for themselves.  Long gone are the days when an online user could easily hid behind their avatar.  These days, most of these people who want to make a name for themselves know that they have to sort of brand the image of their face into the minds of the people watching them.  You might be one of the best DJs in the world, who has to say nothing at all – but a few words out of the mouth typically means a lot more than brushing off the camera when it is time to have an interview.

Just getting on cam doesn’t always work for many.  Some people are horrible in front of a camera and even worse at public speaking.  So with that said, take some time to read up on good vlog making – maybe you’ll learn a few things that force you from being voiceless to becoming a genuine character online.  Each video does not have to be structured either, it can be anything from a few words to a full on review of some new hardware.