April 23, 2014

New Three-Dimensional MIDI Controller Kit – The Kyub

We have all seen controllers that largely resemble something else.  I think it is important from a psychological background that we see things that we are comfortable with.  A ball is an example of something even a toddler is familiar with.  As we move up in the tree, we see balls shaped as different objects.  At a certain age one can tell a soccer ball apart from a football, and we know why they are shaped differently.  With controllers, it is natural for a musician to expect some sort of pad or key layout.  The piano key layout is never a bad decision because it resembles so much of what we know.

Even a box shaped controller seems to do better, because it is similar to everything else in the world that is also shaped like one (car, house, box of cereal).  The trouble with many controllers is when they start becoming shaped like things that we don’t know.  Large spherical shaped controllers may seem like a bright idea, but they become hard to use because there is nothing else like it in the world.  These are small problems today, but they may cease to be that once we start accepting new ways of inputting information.