April 23, 2014

XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro Measurement Kit Review

They say that the best sound engineers ultimately rely on their ears to correctly master their music.  Even with the best tools that give us both numerical and graphical data – we still have to rely on human interaction to decipher what is given to us.  Tools, like an oscilloscope, have become an integral part of many different fields because they are able to detect things that human are not able to.  There are also a slew of other tools that can be used to detect differences in the room.  Why is this important?  Only a sound engineer or producer who is trying to vet the size of a room would require such a thing.

It works like this.  You have a room that you want to use as a studio, but you are unsure of the imaging caused by the materials in the room.  You can either play a guess and check game where you take recordings of sounds in different areas of the room – or you can use analysis tools to detect where and what is causing your sound to sound the way it is.  It might seem like overkill for some, but when building a studio it is a very useful device.