April 28, 2014

From Wembley Stadium to Your Bedroom

One of the most underrated part of any sound system is of course the low end bass that can be delivered in various ways.  It’s strange that bass seems so common to us now in movies as well as music – but it wasn’t always that way.  It has only been in the last half century that we have been able to produce low bass the way we are used to hearing it.  Dance music in itself owes a lot to the idea of bass as it has become an expect part of any dance concert or club.  There seems to be human reaction to bass; perhaps it is something we are in shock and awe of, like a large lightning storm or gunshot – but it certainly has a visceral feel of response whenever we hear it.

The sound engineer’s job is to make sure that there is an acceptable amount of bass throughout the room without having too much of it.  We all know what bad bass sounds like.  It sounds as if the song is not properly mastered, with muddling in certain parts and a lack of bass at times.  It truly takes a lifetime of sound work to get accustomed to it.