April 28, 2014

Beatport Pro DJ Library-Management Software

Organizing is a painful task, even with the advent of computers and simple ways of inputting information.  It seems that the more opportunity there is for keeping things clean, the more stuff there is to keep clean.  When you have a small collection of only 100 vinyl records, this may seem like a lot in one room.  When you have a collection of 1000 digital songs, it is just as daunting to keep track of it all.  Some of us have resigned to make use of 3rd party programs to keep things tidy, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades when it comes to music.

Some of us would rather use 1 single program to record it all – but this also means working within the limitations of this single program.  iTunes certain makes this easier for us.  As much as many of us might hate it, it does a very good job of keeping music organized and makes it easier for us to recall something on the fly.  Beatport is not making their run to see if they can do it better.  Why would anyone use Beatport to organize their music?  Well, given that the source and the player would be in the same spot – it makes sense.