April 28, 2014

How to Mix Pop Music

There are many DJ out there who refuse to mix music that they do not like.  They either fall into the camp of hating pop music or loving it.  For some, pop music in general is their bread and butter; it is what gets them paid.  They might secretly hate the same type of music in private, but they know better than to ignore it since it pays the bills.  Regardless of what your personal feels are for any type of music, it does nothing except help you when you learn how to mix it.  Each genre has its own style of mixing that goes well with it – pop is by far the most common type of music to mix and its style should be widely recognized.

Pop music relies on a catchy and expected chorus which most people will recognize, even if they do not know the rest of the verse.  Paying careful attention to how a chorus will pitch shift or phase shift can be extremely helpful if your goal is to try to be creative.  Standard 8 or 16 bar chorus mash-ups can be boring if no technique is applied to spice them up.