May 12, 2014

All about Technics — a poll and a petition

Sometimes the DJ and music making industry changes without the approval of the people who support it.  In fact, this happens all the time.  We can complain and shake our fists all we want, but it doesn’t change the fact that businesses are trying to move forward and advance themselves as well.  The Technics 1200 SL turntable will probably never disappear from the history books, even though they are no longer being produced by Panasonic.  There are still countless DJs who use them and who have them safely tucked away at home.  We are sort of sad that they will no longer be produced.

Does this mean the end of turntables?  All it means is that a design that stood the test of time for decades will be replaced by new models that may not last as long.  Although longevity is the biggest issue here when it comes to turntables being compared against Technics – the amount of added features and innovations that come standard on newer super OEM turntables is enough for me to nod in agreement.  People are starting petitions to try and bring back their classic turntable, but it is more likely that these voices will reach empty ears.