May 12, 2014

DJ Player and Myo Armband – wireless iOS gesture control

Gesture and motion control is all about taking baby steps while looking at the big picture.  The guys who have developed sensors that can accurately interpret what the hand want to – they have no idea about how this will all work logistically with computer programs.  Therein lies the real problem.  Not everything works better when it is touch free; and for some actions and motions – it pays to actually to have a dedicated button there that lets you know when something is on and off.

The placement of the actual sensor is very important here.  While some items keep the sensor stationary while the hand moves in front of it – others attach the sensor directly to the hand to receive input.  Which method works best?  I would think that positioning a sensor on the body can be a much more trick task, since the body can make some weird positions.  Some may have this sensor located on the hand or even the finger – while others have actually made use of sticking it somewhere else.  No matter where the sensor is place, it doesn’t magically add creativity in a performance – it must be well thought out in order to be something of significance.