May 12, 2014

What A Pioneer All-In-One Controller Might Look Like

It’s funny when you think about what it means to have an all in one unit.  The idea of having all of your audio components in one place is nothing new.  Back when turntables were heavy and hard to move – they were usually built into furniture that also house speakers and other electrical necessities.  The all in one system was the only system worth having.  Fast forward to the advent of DJing, you can see that few people had the same setup.  A unit that contained everything needed was thought of as a joke; it would be impossible to transport or upgrade.

Today, portability and ease of use is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying any type of DJ gear.  The NS7 and the DDJ_SX is a good example of keeping things in house, all while keeping it simple enough to use.  If anyone is going to master the true all in one setup, it will be the folks at Pioneer.  We know Numark has the competence to do the exact same thing, but I feel it will be Pioneer that does it with a spectacular bang.  Clearly, this will be a very expensive buy.