May 14, 2014

The Mini Innofader retail faders: A First Look

Something that has been every interesting about the DJ market, is just how specialized it can actually be when minds are set on a goal.  Consider how mixers used to be back in the days.  You bought a mixer and you expected it to come with everything required for a DJ to mix.  When scratching came around, the need for a better cross fader was realized, and a few companies were pushing the limits as to what a fader could be.  Still, you to have a mixer that was capable of fitting a fader, or you simply bought it with it pre-installed.  The entire DIY revolution of drop in faders would not come for a long time.

Once the Pro-X fader hit the market, the rest was history.  Scratch DJs now had no problem buy a mixer that came with a bad cross fader, since they could drop one in.  Audio Innovate took the idea to the next level buy creating a crossfader that could essentially fit into any sort of mixer.  They have really taken it as far as it can go, and now they are offering the smallest version of their fader to date – the mini Innofader.