May 19, 2014

Two new fretless fader projects

On the experimental side of music making, there is obviously more room for DJs who want to take mess around with controllers.  The problem is not a hard one, but it can be explained by concepts such as tooling and cost.  Programming might take many hours to do – but it doesn’t require anything else except knowledge.  This is why iOS app and MIDI hacks are found every single day.  Now, taking a turntable and trying to somehow enhance it with programming languages is a bigger challenge.  The mixer itself can be modified to accept and send MIDI commands, but this is not easy.  This requires both software as well as hardware skills – but this hasn’t stopped people from trying.

The original fretless fader was one of those concepts that was too far ahead of its time.  This basically allowed the mixer to be used like the sliding neck on a guitar.  It’s too bad that such a design is costly for manufacturers, most don’t want to even touch the idea for fear of losing their budget and mid-range market.  I think we will see more of this in the future, but the time simply is not yet.