May 22, 2014

William & Kate Hit The Decks In Adelaide

A quick picture showing the UK Royals behind a pair of turntables really begs the question.  Does DJing and Turntablism still have sort of aurora of mysteriousness around it?  It used to be that nobody dared to buy turntables unless they were serious about their craft as a DJ.  Back in the late 90’s, only the real masters of Turntablism dared to perform in front of audiences.  I think that the mysteriousness of it all has been vanquished given the fact that so many celebrities are interested in the art.  Whether or not they add to it in any significant or positive way, it does shine some light on the fact that it is a recognized way of making music.

In the future, we will see the idea of the DJing played out and commercialized – but after the backlash there is always a return to its original form, as we have seen many times throughout the history of the turntable.  Personally, having celebrities at least recognize the fact that turntables exist is sort of nice.  It isn’t this sport that is only reserved for a select few – it is something that even the average person can recognize as being “cool”.