May 23, 2014

Serato DJ Intro Finally Lets You Mix With Four Decks as v1.2 Launches

I’ll be honest about my feeling towards Serato.  I’m glad that I still have the old version of the soundcard stuck inside of my mixer.  I hardly ever mix music for myself any more, and I find myself enjoying the simplicity of the entire DVS.  Everything is right where I want it and rarely do I find myself wishing for more features from the program.  I am probably the least involved when it comes to using the DVS to its fullest functionality.  Now that Serato DJ is set to take the place of SSL, I feel as if I own a small part of history that I can share with my kids when I get older.

But really, Serato DJ has really evolved – and this is something that they could not avoid.  From the very start, Traktor has always offered more than Serato; the catch is that the software was not as stable.  Now, the roles have been reverse – it is Serato’s turn to play catchup with Traktor, and everyone is hoping that stability is not something that will be sacrificed to get there.  4 deck mixing in Serato brings up one step closer to what we have now with Traktor.