May 23, 2014

Ghost Producing: What the EDM Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Here’s something that I didn’t know until recently: not all comedians write their own jokes.  It is kind of strange when you think about it because each comedian has their own style that is uniquely theirs.  That fact becomes more apparent when you watch comedians who have their own shows or sitcoms – there is no possible way that they are writing all of their lines.  The person who writes their jokes does a pretty good job of incorporating that person’s type of humor in the jokes.  When the comedian gets too big, I think this is something that is unavoidable.

While this is true for actors and comedians – can this also be true for producers?  I’ve heard of tracks being written for songwriters, but a producer that doesn’t make his own music actually exists?  What is even more shocking is that once these producer have enough funds and credibility – they don’t need to lift a finger.  A ghostwriter who gets paid behind the scenes can write their music for a hefty fee.  Meanwhile the artist plays their role as the “face” of the music.  Is this shameful or just a part of the industry that we need to get used to?