June 1, 2014

Your Questions: Beatgridding & Beatmatching Difficult Tunes

Most of the electronic music that we mix is pretty much laid out to a certain pattern that is easy to mix as well as comprehend.  Buildups and key points in a song are both expected and unexpected at the same time.  A DJ who acquires a list of EDM music does not need to actually listen to all of the music to understand how it will mix together.  They pretty much share some similarities in how a song builds up and breaks down.  The trouble begins when you start finding music that is both unfamiliar as well as a different genre than what you are used to.  Rock and rap music is a good place to start.

While the style of their music might be the same in terms of mood and tempo, the transitions between each part of the song are not the same for every song.  Some songs lack any sort of intro to mix with, and others have live intros that are out of sync with the rest of the song.  To make these songs mixable, sometimes they actually have to be edited for DJ use.  There’s no shame in editing the intro of a track, since the work is yours.