June 2, 2014

Best First Set-Up For A New DJ/Producer?

One of the beautiful things about how gear is produced today is that there is no defined purpose for a controller or MIDI decks.  The people that make it assume you are going to use it a certain way, but they don’t limit your own creativity and what you can do with it personally.  This is why we see controllers that have the labels missing from the pads themselves – it is up to you to figure out what to do with it.  For DJing, I think the goal in finding gear is pretty clear.  You want to be able to mix music through a variety of methods, some costing more than others.

For producing, the task of finding gear is much more forgiving.  You can start out with nothing more than laptop and software; slowly building up your equipment as necessary.  Controllers and speakers are simply an added feature that is not necessary to actually making music.  Once a producer gets more comfortable, adding gear should be about making long tasks become shorter.  A computer keyboard becomes used less and gear is added to the system.  Basically, start out cheap and slowly work your way up into what you need.