June 3, 2014

Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato DJ Controller

I don’t think that there was ever a better time to get into mixing than today.  Basically, if you know nothing about digital DJing, then you are spoiled with the gear you have ready to try out.  What is even better is that gear is getting cheaper and cheaper by the day.  You know this is true when companies like Pioneer actually start creating budget minded controllers that still maintain the flair or an expensive unit.  The DDJ-SX has got to be one of the prettiest controllers out there – and its cost is a good reflection of what you are actually paying for.  What about those who don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on new gear?

The DDJ-SB is the answer.  I’m not sure if the B stands for “basic”, but the controller certainly looks good for the price.  Set in the sub $300 range, this is perfect for those who have a limited amount of money and who are not looking to buy multiple piece of gear for their set.  The classic style of the CDJ platter is something that few companies can do better.  Bells and whistles are removed for lower cost, but the unit is still fully functional as it comes.