DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
July 6, 2011

Using The Numark NS6 With Traktor Pro 2: Yes, Please!

This mapping may not work with the latest version of Traktor.

We finally got a chance to use the acclaimed Numark NS6 Serato Itch controller with Native Instruments flagship Traktor Pro 2 software, and the results were quite good.  Thanks to a foundation provided by Numark and a heavily tweaked re-fix by our resident marketing manager and controller mapping stud, Ariff Glick, we came up with a mapping that suited the NS6′s layout nicely with Traktor.


The NS6 is basically a midi controller with sliders, knobs, and buttons that are assignable to virtually any function that your software requires.  Traktor has a controller manager within the preferences where you can do this.  You can download our .tsi file and import it to the controller manager.  Please keep in mind that this is just one version of many possibilities that can be used and you can definitely create your own mapping to suit your particular layout and playing style.  If you are well versed with Traktor and have midi-mapped controllers before then this will be an old hat for you.  If you aren’t, not to worry.  We put together a basic template and video tutorial so you can get up and running in no time.  We have included a link below of our mapping with the NS6 drivers included for good measure.


A. This is how you set up the NS6 with Traktor if you HAVE NOT already set up the drivers and/or installed ITCH 1.8.1.

  1. Make sure the correct NS6 drivers installed on our computer. We also included them with our .tsi file below.
  2. Plugged the NS6 into your laptop and turned it on making sure the power adapter is connected, then opened up Traktor Pro 2.
  3. Import and apply the .tsi file.
    1. Open Preferences
    2. Select “Import” at the bottom
    3. Open the file called “UniqueSquaredTP2NS6Mapping.tsi” (sorry it’s so long)
    4. Make sure you select the box “Audio Device Settings” so that it is checked and click “OK”
  4. In the controller manager you will see that there are 5 separate mappings that correspond to every function in Traktor for the NS6.  Select “Numark USB Audio” for the In-Port and Out-Port.

B. This is how you set up the NS6 with Traktor if you HAVE set up the drivers and/or installed ITCH 1.8.1.

  1. Plugged the NS6 into your laptop and turned it on making sure the power adapter is connected, then opened up Traktor Pro 2.
  2. Import and apply the .tsi file.
    1. Open Preferences
    2. Select “Controller Manager”
    3. Under Device select “Add”
    4. Select “Import”
    5. Open the file called “UniqueSquaredTP2NS6Mapping.tsi” (sorry it’s so long)
  3. In the controller manager you will see that there are 5 separate mappings that correspond to every function in Traktor for the NS6.  Select “Numark USB Audio” for the In-Port and Out-Port.

You now have the NS6 controlling Traktor Pro 2 with relative ease.  Easy enough, right?


The strawberries taste like strawberries, the snozberries taste like snozberries!  Right?  Well, almost. This particular mapping was for 4 decks and almost everything translates flawlessly.  The EQ knobs, crossfader, line faders, cue points, jog wheels, sync, pitch adjust, browse, transport and loop section work as the NS6 and Traktor is normally laid out. The most noticeable difference is in the Effects section and the Filter adjust.  In Traktor you have 2 ways of setting up your effects, single (advanced) and group (chained). On the NS6 you have an effect activate (on/off) button, parameters knob to adjust, effect select knob, and a wet/dry fader. We decided to map the Trakor effect in group mode with only the first effect active since the physical layout restricts more than 2 effects per deck to be active.  This allowed us to map the software perfectly to the NS6 .

NS6 Traktor Pro 2 Effects Section

We then mapped the filter adjust to the “strip search” section on the NS6 because it made the most sense. The filter can be adjusted using the strip and turned on and off using the “Bleep / Reverse” button, the red light indicator meaning it’s “on.”

NS6 Traktor Pro 2 Filter Section

Again, you have complete freedom to choose what works best for you and this worked well for us.


It was relatively easy to get everything up and running on the NS6, but keep in mind this controller was designed for Serato Itch and there are some features that we did not map to the controller.  For instance, we did not set up any of the record features like the internal mix recorder and the loop recorder.  Is it possible?  Absolutely, but we did a basic set-up just to show what is possible.  The other noticeable difference was the jog wheel response when scratching.  It was very good, but we found that the jog wheels were more accurate when scratching in Serato Itch.  Overall we were very pleased with the performance and response and we highly recommend using the NS6 with Traktor even if it’s just as an alternative to Serato Itch.  Check out the video and please feel free to leave us any comments or questions so we can help.  Thanks again to Numark for the foundation of this mapping and also to you all for requesting this particular video.  Cheers!


Unique Squared NS6 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping


Video Transcript:

What’s going on? This is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip here with Hey man, we’ve got NS6 by Numark working with Traktor Pro 2. You guys asked for it, we wanted to show a video of it, so let’s check it out, we got this done.

Alright, so the first thing you want to do is go to our blog and download this particular mapping. Go ahead and save it to your desktop or something and once you’re in Traktor, go to your preferences, you’re going to go to the controller manager too here, you want to add and then down to import and import that setting from the desktop here.

Once you do that you will find that decks C and D, decks A and B, the platters, the loops and browsers, and also the mix and main section all for Numark USB audio device.

Select that, make sure your port is on Numark for in and out and you should be ready to rumble it up.

Alright, so now we’ve got that up and running, and you can see the layout that I have here. We’ve purposely made it super wide, that way you can see every knob and every slider on all four decks.

You don’t have to have it that way but for visual feedback we wanted to go ahead and show it like that. Ok, so starting off you can see that we have line levels for all of our decks here. You’ve got EQ and all of that working, and our platters, we’ve got that going right here. Our pitch adjust.

So all of that is pretty standard, you can see we have it all working. We can even go into our files here, browse and load into each deck like so and switch that deck over, so we’ve got all four decks loaded as you can see everything is up and running.

There are a couple of things that I wanted to tell you guys about our particular mapping.

The NS6 has two effects that you can choose from and from those you can have the effects parameter and also the amount of dry/wet of that effect that you have.

So that is what we have, you also have the effects select. So we mapped it like this, with a chained selection within the effects, but in that chain you will see that we have no effect on our second and third effects for each side.

Now, we did that because we didn’t get deep enough to map this for an advanced effect because we wanted to show, basically, a very elementary level setup just to get you up and running. Of course, you guys can modify, this particular mapping and customize it however you need to.

That’s the beauty of Traktor Pro 2, it’s just always been that way where you can kind of just customize it yourself. So, those effects are going to be here, I can select through my different effects.

Right, and then I can turn that effect on and off on the NS6, then I can control the parameter of that effect, and also the dry/wet will be with your NS6, FX mix slider.

So, let me show you guys that that’s working, go ahead and put that loop on. So, I can select effect A, pick a different effect. Alright, so you get the idea.

The effects work, our looping section works just fine. The last thing that I wanted to tell you guys was the filters.

Now, the filters on Traktor are usually going to be controlled with a knob. In this, we have in mapped out to the strip search. If you guys can see that, we have each filter on a strip search.

It’s kind of our best option for that particular, I know it will take a little bit to get used to, maybe you guys can find a better way to map that, and feel free to share it with us.

Alright, so we have got the TSI mapping for this available to you. So, just check out the description below and we will have a link to our blog where you can download it for yourself.

If you have any other questions just leave me a comment here and I’ll be happy to answer it personally. This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, at


  1. DeeJLoco says:

    BOOM!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!! You guys rock!

  2. Simeon says:

    Sweeeeet! You have saved me a whole world of pain! Itch for the ns6 sucks compared to traktor! BIG THANKS!

  3. Christian Griffin says:

    Crazy! I will become a profession al scratcher!

  4. Richard says:

    Awesome, this combination with the numark and traktor makes everything look much more easier and simple to use. The mapping seems to be pretty damn legit! i love traktor, way better than serato in my opinion.

  5. waleed says:

    is it just me or is the eq quality completely different in itch and traktor? (itch as total kill, traktor not so much) any solutions for this? Are these mappings to be used with external or internal mixing modes?

  6. Kevin says:

    NS6 mapped for Virtual DJ!

    1. Esteban says:

      Dude hook me up with that!

  7. Justin says:

    Nice job! If I had the NS6 I’d do this as well. If I mapped this, I would’ve mapped the gain knob on the mixer to a filter, and the strip search for effects.

  8. Daniel Pomar says:

    I would like to see some NS6 remapped to point of perfection! I mean we bought the hardware with the intention of using it, right? I want to see full integration within Traktor, after all who doesn’t love traktor? ;D

  9. Nicolas Saavedra says:

    .FAN-tastic Friday (on Sunday)

    It will be cool if the jog wheels are mapped like to as a second option to set the FX, most of the people do that manually it is pretty cool!

  10. Daniel Lichtenegger says:

    I would like to see the NS6 in use with traktor!!!

  11. Josh Estrada says:

    Wow, now I’m leaning towards the NS6. I’ve been a long time numark fan and traktor user and this pretty much seals the deal.

    Thanks guys!

  12. Josh Estrada says:

    I also wonder if it’s even possible to map the NS7 to traktor Pro 2 or even Virtual DJ?

  13. Andrew says:

    brothers at unique,

    i think it’d be real sweet if you use lots and lots of toggle modifiers or effects presets. for instance, reverb + iceverb + pfilter make a really sweet preset for buildups (when all three parameters are all increased together.) Using toggle modifiers allow for many different “modes” where you can juggle, control effects parameters (in variety of ways including advanced and chained).

    but you guys are creative. with all the buttons on the ns6, i’m sure you’ll think of a lot of new things.

  14. It did not work for me….. play button …do not work and listen button on ns6 does not work…. have I missed out on something…. working on a mac pro. ??

    1. ariff says:

      Have you tried deleting the mappings and re-installing them? Then make sure that the ins and outs are set to Numark audio device. If that still doesn’t work, you can manually teach your NS6 the mapping. If it comes down to that let us know and we can walk you through it…

  15. DJ Zin says:

    Do Whitelabel MP3 tracks play at 320 kbps through Traktor Pro 2 since the decoding is done in the controller?

    1. What’s up Scott! Yup, the bitrate doesn’t degrade from the original quality of the MP3.

  16. GOY says:

    It’s pretty good, but I cant cue as although they light up, no sound comes out. I’ll play around and see if I can fix it. Anyone else have the issue?

    Think I’ll sacrafice 2 of the decks to map the effects to the eq on decks 3 & 4

    1. SIM says:

      I have the same problem with cue buttons. Looking at the output assignments there are only 2 outputs (L+R) whereas I would have expected there to be 4… 1+2 to main out and 3+4 to cue/headphone/monitor output, however Traktor is not seeing that. Hopefully UniqueSquared can address this in an upgraded map as it’s absolutely crutial.

      1. We will def work on this for you.

  17. SIM says:

    Hey guys I had a eureka moment soon after posting that comment yesterday. Looking on Numarks website I discovered they have a downloadable map for Traktor as well as VDJ. So I dld it, installed it and hey presto everything worked including the cues :-) …. for a while :-( Then for some unexplainable reason the cues stopped working even tho the monitor outputs (3+4) are still visible in the output routing. I uninstalled and reinstalled Traktor but discovered that this does not uninstall the tsi file and I have a feeling the UniqueSquared map is clashing with the Numark map. Tsi files are not program files so not visible as a program file, so is there a way of uninstalling them??? Please HEEEEELP!!!

    1. ariff says:


      You can delete the mapping very easily, here’s how:

      1. Go to your preferences.
      2. Select Controller Manager
      3. In the “Device Setup” section you will see a “Device” drop down menu.
      4. Locate one of the “NS6″ mappings and select it.
      5. Below the “Device” drop down menu, select “Edit…”
      6. Click “Delete”
      7. Repeat steps 4-6 until all of the NS6 Mappings are gone.

      1. SIM says:

        Just came back to give quik update, pleasantly surprised to see swift reply. Thanx Ariff. However I had already found the files in my ‘documents’ folder, deleted them, restarted Traktor which was now back to it’s default state. I’ve installed the Numark sample & deck audio tsi files and again all worked well for a short while until the cue bombed again. I know the cues are working as I’ve taken the headphone output of my laptop routed it to all 4 channels of the NS6 one at a time, cued them and they all work. I’M STUMPED!!!!

  18. SIM says:

    By the way for any1 wanting any of the aforementioned maps go to and click on ‘software’

  19. Soo says:

    Hi. Does anyone know how to setup the light from the platters to run while the song is playing?

    1. We are efforting this as we speak.

  20. Cristian says:

    i want this

  21. DNA says:

    Guys the TSI files for Traktor 2 work perfectly from the NS6 micro site I have been using Traktor 2 with the NS6 before the product even came out and am able to switch back to itch with no problem at all. The mapping for the NS6 with Traktor and Itch do not have any ill effects on each other.

    Stick with the TSI file from the micro site it works and is battle tested.

    1. ariff says:

      The reason we “tweaked” the mapping is because we received a number of inquiries and complaints that the mapping was not working properly so we set to fix it. As a start we used the NS6 mapping Numark provided, but like others, the mapping didn’t fully work for us.

  22. devanza says:

    i’ve encounterd a problem with the ns6 working on traktor 2.
    when i want to pre listen the track with my headphone, the music of the master out is also present in the headphone, and when i increase the volume of my master the volume will increase in my headphone.
    this without using split cue or using blend mode (cue/pgm)
    Could someone helpt me fix this problem.

    1. ariff says:

      So the split cue is “off” and the blend is turned all the way to left “cue” correct? Are you cueing the song using the cue buttons? What are your audio out settings?

    2. Masaris says:

      I had the same issue, to fix go into Traktor settings, then Output Routing. Output Monitor must be Ch 3 and Ch 4, Master Output Ch 1 and 2. If that doesn’t work enable Crossfader View and check the Headphone output Knobs at the right side, turn it up to 50% or so if it is down. That should do the trick.

  23. chris says:

    having a problem with controls i followed the steps listed above and everything shows up correct in the settings but when to go and use the controller itself nothing happens

  24. GOM says:

    all sample decks used on traktor (for instance the S4) can be used with the Ns6 also?!

  25. Masaris says:

    Having the same issue with the headphone cue as others on here, I only want to hear the next song so I have the “Blend” turned to the left at “Cue”. Can’t hear the next track even though I have the headphone cue lit up on the channel. Is there a fix for this? I’ve tried both the Numark tsi and Unique Squared.

  26. mycool says:

    I have the numark mapping working well (although there is the odd glitch when trying to scrub through a track using the jog wheels – cant see another way of doing it).

    My main problem though is getting the sample decks to work – Numark has a mapping for that but i can’t get them to either load a sample or trigger it – any ideas?

    Also will you let us know when you have updated your mapping with some of the things above?

    Thanks – keep up the good work.

  27. mycool says:

    oh and any progress on using chained effects?

  28. Grahamschijf says:

    the mapping is not working i can get the ns6 to play as a sound card but when ever i go to the control set up and make sure every things connected to numark it goes back to audio 2 every time its reopened none of the controls work iv deleted and re added the tsi a number of times and it didn’t do a thing. please help i got a set in a few days and have nothing but my ns6 traktor and my mac book pro

  29. jason says:

    the only thing i care about at this point is that the auto gain function is disabled when you connect the ns6 could you have enabled the auto gain and maped the gain controls to hp/lp filter

  30. Victor says:

    Habra alguien que me pueda explicar el mapeo en ESPAÑOL……….gracias…ya que no me funciona bien..

  31. Luc says:

    Were do I find this tsi file ?

    1. It’s at the bottom of this blog.

  32. Andy says:

    does anyone found a solution to headphone cue problem??

    1. ariff says:

      We are going to have to try and replicate this problem and see if we can fix the mapping…

  33. Jp11 says:

    I’ve gone through and installed the mapping as instructed and I can’t get it to work with TSP2. I get the feedback on the NS6 but can’t control from the NS6. Any ideas?

    1. ariff says:

      Make sure that your input and output settings are for the NS6 under controller manager in the settings.

  34. ferrari57 says:

    my platter LED’s and browser not working with tsi file …help needed thank you

  35. Fredster says:

    Are there news about the file – did you guys figure out how to cue and how to set up the platter LED’s ?

  36. ferrari57 says:

    i made a tsi file that works on scratch , still need help for jog LED’s and strip search section

  37. antone21 says:

    Damn, this mapping does not completely work. The audio output of the numark ns6 is not recognized by traktor. Though, I did the whole process several times, I reinstalled traktor 2.1.2, and I checked if the audio input/output were selected as being the numark audio device. Then, am I the only one concerned by this problem?

    1. ariff says:

      What audio output are you trying to use?

  38. russ says:

    cant find tsi file

    1. ariff says:

      Bottom of the post, underlined words is the link.

  39. Carlos says:

    Hi guys,
    I really appreciate the hard work put on this custom mapping for Traktor. The problem that I’m encountering when I set it up is, once I’m done selecting the mapping I choose from the Controller Manager( for example if I pick “NS6 Mixer main functions”) and close it, if I come back to Controller Manager and check if I’m using the right mapping, the Traktor software already switched to “Scratch Pro 2 default mapping” and it keeps doing with any other mapping I’m using. I also noticed that in the drop box( top right:Essential, Extended, Browser, Mixer) in the laptop’s video, it shows “Numark NS6″, mine doesn’t give me that option….what am I doing wrong? It’s driving me nuts…lol.

    1. ariff says:

      Make sure you have updated your Traktor Pro 2 to the latest release from the Service Center. Then try importing the mapping twice.

  40. benson says:

    hi, i have a question… does this tsi files works in the latest version of itch 2.2 ?

  41. ace says:

    Hey guys, just to let you know that I managed top map the strip search led’s to my headphone monitor levels.
    So anyone that was getting frustrated with not having any channel level meters to work from can do it this way. Basically you toggle between track position & level meters with your headphone button. It works like a charm! Now if only we can get the platter response the same as in itch, I would be over the moon!! Something else worth noting…. is that linked up to algoriddim’s “DJay” app on my mac, the platter response is on par with Itch. Hopefully Numark will release an update to the 4-trak that we can load into the NS6, make traktor see it as a 4-Trak!!