June 11, 2014

Can You Recommend A Battery Powered PA?

There is a fatal flaw that makes DJing different from all other forms of music making.  DJ relies on having a stable power supply, which usually needs to be plugged into a wall to work.  Without power, you are sort of at a loss and cannot do much except dance behind the decks.  For most of us, having a stable power source is not really a problem at all.  We plug things into the wall all the time, and they work without giving us any trouble.  The issues that the modern DJ has to deal with is when they want to go mobile or wireless.  We can transmit data wirelessly – but power is another story.

Tesla coils are a long way from being a reality.

Battery packs will work in a pinch, but boy can they be costly.  If you are a street performer who want to bring portable amplified sound to the world – well then it might be worth the gamble to do things this way.  A portable PA system is actually pretty good when you consider how much thought goes into making one – just be sure to bring extra batteries because sound can be costly on the wallet.