June 12, 2014

Get to Know DJing Styles

The art of DJing relies on the ability of a DJ to either trick the crowd or to give them what they want.  It is this precise mix of different techniques that really creates a style centered on an artist.  The opposite of this would be when a DJ is so generic that you assume that they are nothing but a radio jukebox.  We so both of these types.  Both have their own crowd and both can be very successful – yet it is the former that gets to have style while doing it.  The days of single genre mixing are basically over, unless you work somewhere where that is the requirement.

When DJs prepare to spin for an unknown crowd, their work is definitely there for them.  They need to specialize in technique – yet they need to have a general understanding of what the crowd actually wants.  Many of us have shown up to a gig only to realize that we prepared music for the wrong type of crowd.  In this case, too much specializing is bad for business and will get you know where.  A general practitioner of the decks would be better suited than a brain surgeon.