June 12, 2014

How many Vestax QFOs and Controller Ones were made?

In the world of technology there are early adopters who take the risk I knowing that a product they buy might ultimately fail.  These are the guys who pay much more for something up front because they actually believe it will become useful.  Often times the first version of new technology is not as refined as they might like it to be.  It takes a few unsuccessful trials to really get a product to where it should be.  Examples of this in the DJ world are best found on MIDI controllers as well as turntables.  The latter serve to be a more interesting case.

MIDI controllers are cheap to produce and cheap to buy.  Many will look at them as disposable, which means that they won’t be heartbroken if it fails to deliver what is promised.  The turntable is another story.  When you try to over-engineer the turntable, both the producers and buyers take a huge risk.  If they are not popular, the manufacturer will feel less pressure to go back and redesign the flaws.  Some of these specialty tables are history now, and if you held on to one long enough it is worth quite a bit.