June 12, 2014

21 DJs Complaining About Their Unbelievably Privileged Lifestyles

I think that for many DJs who either do it for fun or as a side job, watching a pro performer make money is sort of heart breaking.  It is one of those things where you are only minor until you are major.  Once that level is reached you seem to abandon all the things that made you great; all in the quest to make some money off of it.  Believe me, there are many DJs who do not make money from their hobby.  It costs them money.  If you are the lucky handful that are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per show, I can easily see why your perspective has to change.

Is it wrong for someone who has a lot to want more?  I don’t think so.  I think that DJs who are on the outside looking in will either congratulate other success stories, or they will deem it something they hate as a means to avoid looking at their own skills or their own failures.  The cocky attitude of top DJs is really what turns a lot of us off here.  They seem to have it all, yet this is not enough for them.