June 21, 2014

How Do DJs Deal With Audio Delay & Bad Acoustics?

Every DJ who makes the eventual move from their bedroom to the halls of a studio or venue has experienced the same shock of their new environment.  Suddenly your gear seems small in a tiny room – yet the sound you emit has huge consequences.  Speakers that are 100 feet from you will suffer from a natural sound delay.  The acoustic of the room will be much different from the soft fabric setting that you are used to in your own room.  Basically, your cueing job will be difficult if you have not been in different rooms before.  If you rely on the live sound coming from loudspeakers – this can be problematic.

In a large room, the booth monitor is the most important part here.  It gives you sound in a way that a bedroom speaker gives you sound.  The trick is to ignore the PA’s sound while mixing.  This literally means your ears will have to differentiate between 3 separate audio sources.  The other alternative is to learn to mix primarily using your earphones and nothing else.  I hate doing this, but I see the utility in doing so.  You are no longer held back by your environment, regardless of how different it is from your usual setting.