June 23, 2014

Festivals Specially Tailored to DJs and Performers

The rave scene is probably the most commercialized part of the industry, at least these days.  Raves used to be free or cheap.  They were nothing more than underground parties which were open to anybody, and thus is spawned a culture of creativity and openness.  Now, every rave that is put on is dominated and controlled by a group or company that will charge top dollar for a ticket.  Most believe that they are getting their money’s worth here.  Think about all the big name DJs that are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform – this must be the real reason why venues are charging so much!

It is much more than just sound and people though, there is a lot of work that goes into one of these festivals.  First off, there is lighting and visuals which some may argue is just as important as the sound and performance aspect of the show.  Then you have to think about logistics.  You need water, alcohol, bathroom and food to pacify a hungry crowd.  Once that is done, you need security and medical teams on demand as well.  It should be no surprise that these things cost millions of dollars when it is all said and done.