June 24, 2014

UDG Creator DIGI Hard Case Large

There is luggage and protective gear for just about everything out there.  The worst possible thing a DJ can buy these days is a gigantic coffin to haul in a mixer and two turntables in one sitting.  It really isn’t that bad, but there are better options.  Mid-sized gear such as MIDI controllers and small drum machines can be carried in by hand, but it is much more fashionable to carry them in using cases and covers that look the part as well.  The smaller the items get, the more specialized the gear to carry them becomes.  Think of needles for a record.  They have their own dedicated cases which are meant to protect sensitive gear.

What many have forgotten about is where you are supposed to put things like keys, wallets, and phones.  The small things are often overlooked, but trust me, they are important.  You aren’t going far without any of the above mentioned items.  A soft and yet hard case is the best bet for the small tangibles that are necessary.  It is still much better than a backpack in the sense that you gear isn’t coming into contact with your other gear and posing a threat.