June 24, 2014

Every DJ Needs To Know About Hearing Damage

As we get older a few clever things start happening to our bodies.  We might be smarter and wiser now, but it is too bad we didn’t know the same things when we were young.  Loud music and long nights seem to take their toll more now than ever before.  Just as our eyes get worse at seeing small details in dim light, a DJ’s ears will take the auditory beating that they deserve if not protected.  Most of us know what pain of music that is much too loud, and after a loud concert it seems as if everything is muted and quiet.

While that effect may be temporary, too much abuse can easily cause permanent hearing loss and other nasty things.  The problem is that we do not lose it all at once.  Over time, we are unable to detect frequencies that we used to hear when we were kids.  There is also a dullness that causes use to detect sound at a lower level, which is why we have to speak up when old people are trying to listen.  A small amount of protection now can actually save your ears when we become older and are unable to do the things we are used to doing.