June 24, 2014

GigBar Joins Spate Of Designer DJ Booths

Designer DJ booths are something that many of us wish we could have, if only we had the right kind of house to put one in.  Celebrities with means often have their entire houses remodeled to look the way they want, and many of them include the ubiquitous DJ booth as part of their entertainment area.  Please believe that these are not beer pong tables with wires sticking out of them – they are fully integrated systems that would be worthy of any good club or bar.  If they are made with wood, they will cost you a pretty penny to get things done.

If you have the money, I would say go for it.  These things are a work of art, even if they never get used and simply sit there collecting dust.  Designers and craftsman who were used to making chair and tables now have a different type of customer that can employ them when needed.  Some of these deigns are very minimal, while others take more of a classic heavy shape.  Portability is not really the goal – class and style are really what it is all about, not to mention the custom factor of having something that most will not have.