June 24, 2014

Why Am I Told To DJ In Mono Not Stereo?

Stereo sound is something that most of us desire and have been exposed to our entire lives.  When we listen to music in our car, we can clearly identify the fact that certain sounds are playing out of one side and not the other.  The same goes for earphone users who listen to songs that are panned from left to right to give them the sense that they are in a large room.  Movies use more than just two channels to separate bits of audio like sound effects and voices.  If this is all true, why is a mono output suggested when wiring things to PA speakers and the like?

Mono is preferred because not every speaker in the house is going to be setup as a pair.  You might have a single speaker in a small room – yet you still want to hear both sides of the audio on just that one speaker.  If you have our music wired to a mono output, most clubs and sound engineers will thank you for making their job easier.  It simply gives them more room to play and route music while not being limited to the gear they have sitting around.