June 25, 2014

What Licences Do I Need To DJ Out & To Upload Mixes?

When I was a kid, I used to jam with one of my neighbors who had an electric guitar.  Other than the noise we created, we weren’t harming anybody – but that doesn’t mean that neighbors didn’t want to spoil our fun.  When the policeman finally arrived, I asked him why we couldn’t play amplified music.  His reply basically said that we needed a permit to used amplified audio.  It occurred to me that this was one of those laws that people only enforced when the time was right.  That same type of thinking works with DJs who use songs in their mixes.

They aren’t selling the mixes, yet they aren’t allowed to use anyone’s music and publish it online, without paying for the proper licenses and such.  Most artists aren’t going to scour the web, looking for a mix with their song in it – but a few record labels will have no problems making an example of people who abuse these rules.  I think it is unfortunate that we are not allowed to creativity use other people’s content to create our own original content.  Artist and labels will cry plagiarism all day and night, so there has to be a happy medium to which we can all agree on.