July 1, 2014

DJ TechTools Pop-up Shop

When is the last time you went to a record shop?  Was the experience something regrettable or was it something you would like to have again?  I have had both experiences.  I once went to a local record store only to receive no help from the guys behind the desk.  I spent hours searching for records and I possible had a better idea of what was in the store than the actual workers did.  I have also had some very positive experiences.  I was lucky enough to find a few DJs who could scratch, so we had a little Q&A session right on the spot.  Record shops can be hit or miss, especially if they are purists who do not let you mess with any vinyl or gear.

Newer shops tend to have MIDI gear and devices out for sampling.  You will be luckier if you find people who know how to use the gear or employees that can teach you a thing or two.  I guarantee you will not see that happen at a large store like Guitar Center, where the sale is the only real thing they are after.  Combine all the right elements of sales, social, and fun and you have a shop that will succeed.