July 6, 2014

Budget DJ Mixers Reviewed

If you are ready to spend around a thousand dollars for a mixer, there is really no way you can go wrong.  Mixers at this level typically include features regardless if you really want them or not.  Consider the ubiquitous 4 channel club mixer – most, if not all of these, will have independent cueing or each channel as well as assignable cues from channel to channel.  Most people will only ever mix between two or three channels at a time – leaving that last channel open for other purposes.  It may have a crossfader that is meant for scratching, but does just as well with mixing.  At this tier, you really aren’t sacrificing much in terms of it being usable.

When you only spend around three hundred dollars or so on your mixer, you are going to have to make sacrifices.  Some of these sacrifices aren’t noticeable (such as sound quality), until you start comparing them against other mixers.  Often, these mixers will fail to include a decent crossfader or even assignable cues.  Pioneer, Native Instruments, Numark, and even Behringer have something in this price range that is sure to make a DJ at any level happy.  New is always nice as well.