July 8, 2014

9 things you should never do on stage

Maybe you have heard this before; there are people who are brilliant but who are also very bad test takers.  Then you have the students who train for taking tests and win them by using strategy instead of relying on pure skill or intelligence.  Is one of these strategies better than the other?  I think that the best test taker would ultimately rely on a bit from both sides, since you cannot win without knowledge – yet failing to plan is just as bad.  Performing on stage can somewhat be compared to taking a test, since you need to rely on both of those things as well.

Performing and knowing how to act on stage is also a skill that comes with time.  There is no performer out there who has not had their share of embarrassments and boos from the people on stage.  One trick they have all relied on is to be able to play off their mistakes as if they never happened.  Those who bask in their errors only make it that much more obvious.  Knowing when to take breaks and talk to your fans is also key, but this should be done without forgetting about the performance at hand.