July 8, 2014

Disc Makers drops the needle on vinyl records

There are some things out there that will likely never change and some that obviously will.  Music seems to fall into its own category, where a mix of new and old seems to be the winning strategy when it all comes down to it.  Technology simply makes things more accessible to the common man.  Instead of large vacuum tubes we use transistors so that technology can be packed down into a more efficient size. Instead of using physical media to transport songs around we can literally zap that information around in a blip of light within seconds.  Does this mean that all music should be had on this format?  There are songs that I tend to cherish more than others, and therefore I will go out of my way to find a physical copy of that song.

Record making is one of those ancient arts that might improve as times move forward, but it will never completely die out in terms of being a workable format.  The techniques used to make records have not really changed in a while, sort of like the way certain guns and weapons are created.  There is something about the hands on approach that makes for a better product.