July 8, 2014

Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller

If you are on the hunt for a mixer and two decks, the choices in front of you are vast and many.  You can go as cheap as you like and spend no more than a few hundred dollars on the entire thing – or you can spend until your wallet shrinks down in size or until your wife finally decides it is time for divorce.  If you are feeling spendy, then Pioneer is really where it is at.  Sure, a CDJ will cost you nearly a thousand dollars, but even Pioneer knows that technology gets cheaper as time goes on.

Integrating MIDI controller into the entire system is a must.  The addition of 8 nice pads right below the actual jog wheels is a good idea, and many will appreciate this.  The 4 channel mixer that comes packed right below it all is nothing to shake off either.  Realistically, you can have a 4 channel mixer and a set of decks without having to carry loads of gear in (although the DDJ-SZ) is not a light piece of gear.  If you catch a DJ spinning on one of these, then they are really serious about their work, or they have a lot to spend.