July 11, 2014

5 Cheap DJ Tricks and How To Avoid Them

Every DJ out there who has had a decent amount of time behind the decks while in front of a crowd has employed a few tricks to get what they need.  The goal of any DJ is not just to play the right music when the crowd wants it – the goal is to control the crowd in a way.  We want a sort of call and answer effect to happen, even if it is only gesture based with the crowd.  Believe me, this is harder than it seems. Making the crowd hate you is much easier and requires little, if any, effort.

Trick number one should be obvious.  Simply drop the right hit and the right time (or the wrong time).  Amateur DJs are notorious for using up their club bangers way too soon in an attempt to engage the audience.  The trouble is that the song is being used before the correct apex, and the DJ will be left without the proper tools.  Cutting out the song so that the crowd can sing the chorus works so long as it is rarely used.  Messing with the EQ a lot is similar to using FX and can work if done tastefully.