July 12, 2014

Nobodi da Vinylist cuts it up – on a chopping board

In the world of entertainment, it is usually not what you can do but what it looks like you can do.  Let’s face it, talent is great but image is necessary to sell the talent out there.  Sometimes, you only need image to get along (at least for the spectators who do not know any better).  We have seen this happen with singers who have never actually sung their own songs.  We see it with rappers who appeal to a certain type of lifestyle, yet they rarely live what they speak about.  All of this can be looked at in many ways, but most people would sort of give off a look of disdain if they found out they were being tricked.

The most unscrupulous use of image occurs when an equipment maker tries to sell a product using product placement.  DJs are often nothing but a pair of floating hands, just as their gear can be viewed as a mystery machine that makes noise.  If a scratch DJ were to mime their routine, would any of us know the difference?  Would it matter at all that it was faked for the person who has no idea how any of the gear actually works?