July 21, 2014

Is This The End Of SoundCloud For DJs?

The subject of debate is now the issue where Soundcloud is joining the ranks of music host websites that has the ability to take down a mix if they see fit.  Please do not mistake this for Soundcloud becoming the new music-nazi of the future, they are simply protecting themselves.  If you think about it, it makes sense for SC to behave this way.  When a record company objects to a song or mix being posted, SC simply takes it down.  There is no lawsuit here, but SC knows that they are at the mercy of large companies that could very well send out a lawsuit.

SC is also smart about making sure that responsibility it not laid on them.  They cannot protect users from record companies – they do the opposite.  They protect themselves from the record company by taking action first.  Ironically, it is the user who suffers even though they are the base of what drives the website in the first place.  Original artists like guitarists and pianists will have no worry here, since there is nothing to make a fuss about, but DJs will likely be hit the hardest when it all boils down.