July 22, 2014

House concerts made easy

I think that many of us feel like that performing at show is the ultimate sign of success.  This implies that you already have music, you already have a following, and that you already have fans that are local and willing to pay to come see you perform.  This is not always the case, and a good example of this are open night mics and local joints.  Sometimes, the worst of the worst are not afraid to step on stage and pick up the mic.  This does not mean that they are well-known and sometimes they are actually horrible to listen to.

What I’m trying to say is that any small time act can put on a show as long as they go about their business the right way.  Don’t appeal to large crowds, but instead appeal to your small group of loyalists.  Entrance fee should not be gouging, but still enough to cover the costs of such a low numbered audience.  If you have the right crowd and know what to play, there should be no worry over the fact that they may or may not like what you have to play.  Start small and dream big.