July 26, 2014

The Pinnacle of All-In-One DJ Controllers?

If a DJ were to decide that today was the last day they would ever buy a vinyl record or lug around a crate of music, where would they go to next?  I’m sure you wouldn’t see them throwing away their crates of records, and they would likely not ditch their DVS for the next big thing out there.  CD’s would be much more laughable than a vinyl record, and going to straight to MIDI would be a downgrade as well.  There would really only be one option out there – a deck controller that has it all.

There are few companies out there that can say that they have it all as well, but if anyone were to take the cake it would be Pioneer.  Pioneer has stuck with what has worked, and they have only worked towards integrating what works together with what works together.  Their latest SZ series offers the look and feel of traditional CDJ’s as well as a rack of MIDI pads and an acceptable crossfader section.  Their jog wheels are the furthest thing from being just wheels, they are actual touch sensing and do not require a great deal of force to move around.