July 26, 2014

Midi Fighters Replace Jog wheels

What does a person do when technology becomes out dated?  This is the main issue with any technology; while some technology will forever remain useful, there are others that cease to have any use once something better comes along.  Vinyl records for example are technically useless for transporting audio around – but when it comes to scratching there is no equal.  MIDI controllers do not have such a luxury.  Once these things go out of style, it makes it very difficult to find a reason to keep it around.  Anything that wears out its usefulness becomes something that gets in the way right?

This is not what every geardo thinks in their head.  They can either sell back what they have for a miniscule profit, or they can actually take its parts and turn it into something better.  This is what the hackers will do.  Why destroy a perfectly good platform when it could just as easily be adapted and modernized?  We have seen this done with other things such as old Vestax mixers that have been converted into MIDI controllers and vice versa.  The only issue here is that any sort of prototype work ends up looking pretty ugly after all.