July 26, 2014

Does Music In Videos Help Or Hurt Artists?

It goes without saying that it is kind of hard to make a proper video or tutorial without some kind of music in the background.  Without some sort of music to tie it all together it just seems dull.  This takes me back to being in the classroom with a one tone professor who has a lot to say, but few ways to say it well.  Amateurs who make videos know that simply adding a song to their video really ties it all together in ways that make a video seem that much more professional.  The issue we have today is the fact that even background music can get you into trouble.

See, many of us make these videos as an open source resource for the internet at large.  We don’t expect to make a dime from out hard work, rather, we want to further the industries that we are involved in.  When YouTube knocks down a video because it seems to violate these laws – who is being hurt and who is being protected?  The answer is not black and white, but many people feel that the artists’ music is getting boost from its use, and that the maker of the video is not making a dime.