July 27, 2014

Soundcloud: 6 Alternatives

Just because Soundcloud is on longer a viable source for DJs to post their mixes doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives out there.  The trouble is that the SC layout is really hard to beat and the alternatives don’t seem to have everything that we want.  If your goal is to simply post videos into your FB account, you may want to rethink that strategy.  It is simply not setup in a friendly way that helps organize your music while making it easy for others to find and share.  The most common alternative out there comes from sources like Mix Cloud – which will allow you to post files in a similar format but with a few exceptions.

Being able to download a track that uses other people’s music is the real issue here.  Simply listening to it stream live has never been the real issue.  See, the laws with copyrighted music are very tricky.  There are loopholes on both the label’s side as well as the user’s side, meaning that laws can be skirted or even abused in the right situation.  We can look at this like a watershed moment in the DJ community; nobody is safe from the man up top.