July 29, 2014

PLX-1000: Pioneer’s $699 Pro DJ Turntable

Just when you thought that people had given up on making turntables, Pioneer set off to change our perspectives once again.  One cannot look at what is going on without accepting the fact that a large part of this decision had to do with Technics discontinuing their famous SL-1200 line.  Those who still have an old pair of 12s know well enough to hang onto them dearly since they definitely aren’t going to be sold in stores any time soon.  If your plan is to stock up on as many old Techs are you can in hopes to slang them later on – you might be out of luck here.

The new PLX-1000 comes in at a fairly decent price, right around $700.  I believe this will be the biggest thing going for the person who is in the market for a new turntable.  People tend to buy a set of decks and then never buy another one again.  Maybe Pioneer is hoping to make good on a one-time buy – and even if they turn out to be worthless, the initial buy is all that they really need to make their money.  I have higher hopes for Pioneer and think that these will actually do quite well.